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AQA GCSE Biology
AQA GCSE Chemistry
AQA GCSE Physics
This book is solely responsible for me passing my biology
❤️Thank you so much!!
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The books

Designed for the AQA GCSE Trilogy course, each booklet comes packed with key words to help you succeed in your science exams.

With over 270 keywords, this book is will give you the depth of knowledge required to master the biology exam. The questions on the cards are mainly application questions which will ensure you will be able to apply the knowledge you ave learned from your keywords.

In addition to the keywords, the chemistry book also contains cards for the first 20 elements. These can be used in conjuvction with exercises in the book to develop the chemistry skills required to succeed in your exam.

The physics book contains the keywords required to succeed in your exams. The questions on each card are more mathematical in keeping with the requirements of the course. In addition there is a complete set of cards to allow you to learn the equations required for the exam.

The cards

Each of the books come packed with revision cards for all the keywords you will require in the exam. Click on the sample cards below to see.

download a set of sample cards and other free resources

Understanding the cards

Here is the front of the card. It has the keyword and a card number. This allows you to re-sort the cards.
When you flip the card over it is divided into 3 sections. The middle section contains the definition of the keyword.
The top part of the section is a cartoon. This illustrates the keyword on the card.
The bottom section of the card contains a question. The question tests your application of knowledge.

Video tutorials

Check out our video lessons to help review the different topics on the course. These are constantly being updated so check back frequently to see the new videos.

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